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“This sweet, gentle audio story is the perfect analogy… Something that perhaps everyone should listen to”

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“Almost meditative…

An intriguing aural experience 

that tugs at your heart and imagination” 

Hugs Tears &

Replacement Bus Services



When looking at the train timetable, you never want to read the words “Replacement Bus Service”. That was never part of the plan. Yes, you’ll get home eventually, but it might take longer than you thought. You’re going the long way round...

From the makers of the Offie nominated “Breaking Up With Reality,” (“Such a thoughtful, eloquent theatrical experience” ★★★★ - A Younger Theatre) Nod At The Fox presents ‘Hugs, Tears & Replacement Bus Services,’ a short binaural audio piece, using spoken word, recorded soundscapes and music.

We’re all still on a replacement bus service, being driven down an endlessly dark road. But maybe we can reclaim the power of our path..?


Written, Performed & Sound Design by Eden Harbud. Commissioned for Living Roots, curated by Living Record Productions.

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