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“Poetic and intimate… I am immersed in every second”



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Hello! We’re Nod At The Fox, an emerging theatre company, often using puppetry and audio storytelling! We create ambitious shows where the puppets, lighting, storytelling and action are all in control of the performers on stage. Give us any old room with some thick curtains and we’ll work our magic!

The journey of Nod At The Fox, founded by me Eden Harbud (hello!), began as I started to explore the themes of my solo production "Burning Tails" in 2015/16. Via various scratch events, the show developed over time and then had it's first tour in 2018. And 2019 saw the birth of our new family show "PEA.", supported by Arts Council England and Cambridge Junction.

Eden graduated from the Curious School of Puppetry in 2019. As a puppeteer, actor and dancer, he has extensive experience in ensemble devised theatre having toured both nationally and internationally to Peru (TRIBE, Temper Theatre) and Ukraine (Maklena, Night Train Theatre). He has recently been the UK representative for UNIMA Russia’s first international puppetry residency programme (Youth in Progress) performing at the “Ryazanskie Smotriny” in Ryazan, Russia (Sept 2019). 

Eden is a founding performer of physical theatre company Temper Theatre and has been involved in all shows to date including critically acclaimed ‘TRIBE’, 'Terra Incognita' & 'Nightshifter'.​ He co-founded Fusion Theatre Festival Cambridge, which has since evolved into Cambridge International Arts Festival. Since education he has also performed with Babolin Theatre, Magic2Media, Wild Rumpus & Gomito Productions.​

Nod At The Fox is an inventive & engaging company creating unique experiences for their audience” 



- Camden People’s Theatre

Thank you to the wonderful organisations who have supported us…