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"If it’s likely something you want to do is going to go very VERY badly... then it’s probably not worth doing, right?"

Definitely categorically 100% based on true events; through music, absurd soulful metaphors and chain smoking puppets, Eden tells the emotional and tragic tale of an exponentially unfortunate fox… 

Using puppetry, household lamps and a dramatic over-score, Eden blends truth and fantasy to create a textured visceral style. Don’t be fooled by the cuddly toys. If you thought this was going to be a children’s show… You thought wrong.​


Developed at Cambridge Junction

Supported by The Robinson Theatre (HRSFC)

“Clever, funny and truly unique” - Camden People’s Theatre

“Genius suicidal squirrel puppet show” - Sh!t Theatre

“This is no Basil Brush” - Grapevine Live

Fly On The Wall Awards - ★★★★


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The Burning Tails map...

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