London Theatre Reviews


"Poetic and intimate…

I am immersed in every second…

As well as being told a story,

this is a time of questioning your own.”


A Younger Theatre

“Profoundly touching… Such a thoughtful, eloquent theatrical experience… This show surprises me with its ability to bring me a sincere sense of hope”


Once A Week Theatre

“Whimsical and charming…

wise and gentle”


The Guardian

(For Living Record Festival)

Described as a piece “about the psychological impact of isolation”


Love London Love Culture

“Completely absorbing…

reassuring and soothing… 

This is a monologue that really gets to the heart of the matter”



“A show for our times"

Breaking Up With Reality


Reality abandoned all of us.
This is an exploration of our break up with our past, 

And the new relationship we have with our future. 

Nod At The Fox combines spoken word, recorded soundscapes and music to create an audio love letter to Reality. It’s hard having to only greet Reality with an elbow bop, but if we get any closer it will break our hearts all over again.


Created for and premiered at Living Record Festival 2021.

Text, music, sound recordings & read by Eden Harbud.


With segments of music from:

Dominic Roocroft, Ross Williams, Sam Williams,

Daria Feldman, Daniil Timofeev & Dmitriy Stoyan.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Performed LIVE for the first time 14th-16th Oct 2021, tickets available NOW at:


In these times, we're dipping our toes in the realm of audio theatre. Sound has always been a huge part of our process, equally taking up the stage alongside live performance. When creating puppetry work, the directing and composition of a show will come about in the audio creation process, which is always where we start. So much can be done with audio storytelling, so we utilise that to compliment the on stage visuals. We love making work that’s detailed, deep listening and also delicate, often using metaphor to express themes.


For this project, Eden has been using GarageBand and Audacity to edit the audio.

The Breaking Up With Reality map...